AV Installation, CTM-Festival, Berlin

An installation for 24883200 pixels and 3d glasses by u-matic, protoplay and telematique

In “PARA NOISE,” this year’s installation in the Bethanien Projektraum, screens flood the room with a massive dissonance of high-density news. Irrespective of each other, they send extremely fast image sequences of changing geometric shapes and noise patterns accompanied by by abstract electroacoustic sounds.

Parallel processes of incessant emergence and erosion create an overall impression of constant flux. Out of chaotic patterns, clear spatial structures arise temporarily and communicate with each other, forming hierarchies, groups, or oppositions. Recognisable forms emerge, close enough to touch, only to be swallowed by noise a moment later.

Collaborations between u-matic, telematique, and protoplay date back to the Berlin subculture of the 90s. Since then, in various combinations, they have been creating media productions, live performances, video shows, and immersive video mapping installations.